The Ultimate Gourmet Weekend In Morpeth, Lorn & Maitland, Hunter Valley!

Less than a 10 minute drive away is Donarch Chocolates in Tenambit that produce stunning chocolates in an unassuming strip mall. Once you walk in, the gleam from the chocolates hits your eyes. Donna Archer started the business based on one chocolate – the chocolate raspberry heart. She wanted a raspberry chocolate that tasted of real raspberry and it was her success with this chocolate that started the business. She uses Cacao Barry and Callebaut chocolate to create her delicate and beautiful creations.

Her customers fall hard for the salted caramel that she makes with Maldon salt – this has a pronounced saltiness that reminds me of salted caramel chocolates in France where they don’t shy away from the salt. She even tried reducing the level of salt in it by 10% and customers noticed straight away.

The muscat truffle is my favourite and was created by accident when they accidentally rolled the truffles in drinking chocolate instead of cocoa giving the truffle a crust coating on the outside. Her son Paul who works in the business quips, “Most of these are really just good mistakes.”

And while the peanut butter looks like a fancy Reese’s peanut butter cup it has white caramel chocolate and caramelised almonds for additional texture. Donna’s chocolates are known for their bold, true flavours-there’s no mistaking which one you’re eating. The honey butterfly is also divine as is their version of a marzipan and the passionfruit birdcage.

And if you’re lucky they won’t have sold out of the chocolate coated honeycomb made with privet honey from their very own beehives. This is amazing. There’s even a secret stash for the regulars because it sells out so quickly!

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